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This page provides summary information of NuAspect Limited’s supplier registration to aid potential buyers of our services. Click on the relevant logo below to open a link to that supplier scheme website.

Our DUNS® Number is 348244901.

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Achilles RISQS

326009 Achilles RISQS Stamps v5

Product Codes;
04.57.02 SER Management Consultancy Registered
04.58.01 SER Civil Engineering Consultancy
04.69.01 SER Occupational Health Consultancy
04.69.02 SER Occupational Safety Consultancy
04.71.01 SER Project Management (Including Clerk of Works)
04.71.02 SER Programme Management
04.71.03 SER Project Planning
04.72.01 SER Quality Audit
04.72.02 SER Quality Management Systems
04.76.01 SER Business/Strategic Risk
04.76.02 SER Project Risk
04.77.05 SER Accident/Incident Investigation
07.06.01 SER Contingent Labour (Signalling)
07.12.01 SER Assessment of Infrastructure Options
07.12.06 SER Rail Economics
07.12.07 SER Strategic Business Studies
07.13.01 SER Railway Safety Consultancy
07.15.01 SER Signalling Consultancy
07.15.02 SER Control Tables/Reports
07.15.06 SER Development & Review of Signalling Standards



Business Categories:
Engineers – consulting
Business and management consultants
Project management
Safety consultants
Risk management
Quality procedures processes and assessment


Delta eSourcing

CPV codes;
45234115 – Railway signalling works.
50220000 – Repair, maintenance and associated services related to railways and other equipment.
71311000 – Civil engineering consultancy services.
71313410 – Risk or hazard assessment for construction.
71600000 – Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services.
71630000 – Technical inspection and testing services.
71632000 – Technical testing services.
72224000 – Project management consultancy services.
79400000 – Business and management consultancy and related services.
79410000 – Business and management consultancy services.